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Our 22nd exciting contest June 14, 2008

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That’s right! We’re at it again! The same band of misfits that has produced 21 past contests and awarded over $140,000 in cash, plus trips to exotic locations and hundreds of other prizes will crank out another incredible event!

The 22nd annual (more or less) contest will be held once again at the spacious and beautiful Northwest Georgia Trade and Convention Center in Dalton, GA (I-75, exit 333) – where the beer is cold and the parking is always free!

We’ve got it all! Beautiful women in cocktail wear and little bitty teenie weenie yellow polka dot (or not) bikinis, food and drink, and live entertainment from the country / rock Sammi Moore Band. And believe me, Sammi is as hot as the girls in the contest – but she can knock out a song with the best of them!

PLUS – the new 2009 Resaca Beach Calendar will be unveiled for the first time at the contest! Woo Hoo – we have some unbelievable images! And you can meet some of the calendar girls in person! For a preview go to the 2009 Calendar Preview link.

Doors open at 6:00 PM. Entertainment kicks off at 7:00 PM, and the ladies take to the stage for the first time between 7:45 and 8:00 PM.

Unlike the nightclub contests that never start until midnight in front of a crowd of screaming drunks – we’re always done before midnight. Great contest. Better atmosphere. Nicer people. That’s our contest. And did we mention absolutely the hottest young ladies in the area!

Tickets are $50.00 each (and worth every penny!), available at the Trade Center or from our wonderful sponsors for FREE. That’s one reason why it is nice to be a sponsor (or know one – if you want a ticket!). You’ll find more sponsor information below.


  • Entrants must be at least 18 years of age by June 14, 2008 and be a natural born female (There are some weird characters around these days!). There is no entry fee.
  • Entry deadline is Monday June 9, 2008.
  • All applicants must live within 200 miles (as the old crow flies) of Dalton, GA. Don’t cheat! We have the old crow meter that will tell us if you do.
  • To enter, read the Rules and Regulations, and then fill out the on-line Entry Form. If for some reason you want to enter by mail, email for an entry form.
  • Entrants must supply at least two photos showing beauty of face and figure. Photos may be sent by mail, email, or entrants may point us to a web site where we can download images. DO NOT even think of sending us a camera phone image!
  • Competition is in swimwear (no thongs) and cocktail wear.
  • Finalists will be expected to attend our pool party / reception beginning at 11:30 AM the day of the contest at a private estate in Dalton. This event is for finalists, sponsors, photographers and special invited guests only, and is one of the highlights of the day for the few lucky enough to attend. It is a great networking opportunity – plus finalists get $50.00 cash just for being photographed for the Trentonian newspaper.


The contest winner receives $2,000.00 payable at the calendar shoot, and will be the cover girl for the 2010 calendar. First runner up receives at least $500.00. In addition, 12-16 girls will be chosen for the 2010 Resaca Beach Calendar.

Many other prizes and trips will be awarded similar to 2007. See a complete list from last year at the 2007 Contest link. We will have a new list up soon for 2008


It is rewarding to be a sponsor, and sponsorships start at just $500.00. If you are interested in receiving the benefits of sponsorship, please contact for complete information. Without sponsors, we would not be able to fund the contest, and ALL proceeds are invested in the costs of the event. It was never planned to be a non-profit event, but it always seems to turn out that way!

Sponsor levels are $500.00 Silver / $1,000 Gold / $2,000 Platinum. Anything more than that and we’ll lick your boot’s or do whatever you want us to. The packages include tickets at reserved tables (which will make you very popular), calendars in bulk quantity (which will make you very popular), and other special consideration (which will make you very popular!).


Tabitha Gilley, who will be on our 2009 calendar and Brittany King, Miss June on our 2007 Resaca Beach calendar are in the "The Women of Hooters" pictorial in the February issue of Playboy Magazine. In addition, Tabitha is on the cover of the February-March 25th anniversary issue of Hooters Magazine. You can check her out at the Chattanooga Hooters.

But that's not all. Tabitha is also featured in the January issue of Rounder - the poker lifestyle magazine, featuring a photo made at the Resaca Beach contest reception.

In addition, we have two Playboy Playmates of recent note. Holley Dorrough of Gadsen Alabama, our Resaca Beach Calendar Girl for January 2006 was Playmate of the Month in April 2006, and 2006 finalist Spencer Scott was Playmate of the Month in October 2007

But wait! There’s more! Our 2004 winner and 2006 calendar cover girl Breanne Ashley was crowned Miss Hooters International in last year’s competition in Las Vegas.

Can you say WOW!!!


In 1983, two much younger men (one of whom I cannot mention because his wife will beat him) decided they needed a means to promote their fledgling carpet mill. They should have opened a Hooters-type Restaurant, but they weren’t that smart! Since they both liked women and could spend company money with abandon, they decided to have a beauty contest and send the winner all over the country to exciting events like all-day warehouse sales.

What to call it??? Well, being in Dalton, GA and not close to a real beach, they had to invent one. Fortunately, Dalton is only a few miles away from the tiny village of Resaca, on the shores of the mighty Oostanaula River. Thus, Resaca Beach, "North Georgia’s Gateway to the Gulf" was born! You see, the Oostanaula River runs in to some other rivers which eventually reach the Gulf of Mexico. Yeah, we know it’s a stretch!

Our first Resaca Beach Poster Girl Contest was held in 1983 in a little Dalton restaurant called Grandma’s Food and Spirits, and an amazing 19 year-old lady by the name of Marla Maples walked away with the trophy, money and other prizes. Soon she was on her way to stardom! And yes – we are willing to take the credit!

Contests were held at the now defunct Holiday Inn, the Dalton Elks Lodge, NW Georgia Fairgrounds, Hyatt Regency Atlanta, and beginning in 1991 at the NW Georgia Trade and Convention Center in Dalton. The Poster Girl Contest eventually became a Calendar Girl Contest (so we could take pictures of more hot chicks), and here we are. No longer in the carpet business, we have depended on sponsors to fund the contest over the past 15 years.

Since 1983 we have awarded over $140,000 in cash prizes, plus numerous exotic trips and hundreds of other valuable prizes. More than 460 young ladies have graced the stage along the way.

You might be interested in some of the past winners. How many of these do you recognize?

1983: Marla Maples, Dalton, GA (Donald Trump's ex-wife)
1984: Cheryl Grant, Dalton, GA
1985: Cindy Burns, Dalton, GA
1986: Rhonda Burger, Calhoun, GA
1987: Ginger Wilson, Fairmont, GA
1988: Lisa Robertson, Collegedale, TN (now on QVC)
1989: Samantha Burns, Lafayette, GA (sister of Cindy)
1990: Wendy Geuss, Atlanta, GA (was in many Playboy publications)
1991: Lori Belt, Dalton, GA
1992: Holli Biggs, Cleveland, TN (still judges our contests)

1993: Tempe Suratt, Chattanooga, TN
1994: Shane Phillips, Suwanee, GA
1995: Shannon Acuff, Jasper, TN
1996 - 1998: no contests
1999: Tenna Reed, Chatsworth, GA
2000: Jennifer Corliss, Cumming, GA
2001: Capri Hodge, Steele, AL
2002: Alicia Hall, Jonesboro, GA
2003: Nicole Sawyer, Decatur, AL
2004: Breanne Ashley, Canton, GA
2005: Amberley French, Jasper, GA
2006: No contest
2007: Renee Baker, Loganville, GA

Thanks for reviewing our site. We hope you enjoy it!

Dan Bowen

Director since 1983









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